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Friday, March 27, 2020

Cronavirus origin and its causes and treatment

In December 2019 the Chinese leadership
Warn the world that the virus has spread across their communities.

In the next few months, it spread to other countries, with patients twice a day.

This disease is the Coronavirus 2 Coronary Syndrome

resulting in Covid-19 infection and everyone simply calls coronavirus.

What happens when it spreads to humans and what should we all do?

The disease is just the body around the genetic material and some protein, in fact not a living organism.

It can only be amplified by itself by accessing the collection cell.

Corona is spread on site, but it is not yet clear how long it can last between them.Its the most likely route to infection when people cough, or if you touch a patient and then your face,say wash your eyes or nose.

The disease begins its journey here, and then breaks off a stowaway element deeper into the body

Its targets are the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract or lungs, where it can be most effective.

Even a few corona species can be quite dangerous.The lungs are lined with millions of epithelial cells.These are the borders of your body, lining your organs and mucosa waiting to be spread.
Corona linked a special injection to his victims' tumors by injecting his genetic code.

The cell, ignorant of what is happening, completes the new information, which is pretty simple:
copied and reused.

He wrote with more and more copies of the original virus until he reached the critical point and

received a final order to make oneself.

The cell melts away and releases new corona particles that are ready to attack more cells.
The number of infected cells is growing exponentially
After about ten days, millions of body cells become infected, and billions of viruses warm the lungs.

The virus has not done too much damage yet, but corona will now release a real animal on you,
your own immune system.The immune system, although it is there to protect you, can actually be quite dangerous for you and needs strict regulation.

While immune cells pour into the lungs to fight the virus, Corona infects some of it and creates confusion.Cells do not have ears or eyes.They mostly communicate via small information proteins called cytokines.Almost every major immune response is controlled by them.

Corona causes infected immune cells to respond too much and screams bloody murder.

In a sense, it puts the immune system in a fight and sends more soldiers away than it should, wasting its resources and causing damage.

Especially two types of cells destroyed.
First, neutrophils, which are very good at killing things, including our cells.

As they arrive in their thousands, they begin to pump out enzymes that destroy as many friends as enemies.The other important type of cells that go into a frenzy are killer T cells, which usually command infected cells to commit suicide.Confused as they are, they start ordering healthy cells to kill themselves as well.
The more and more immune cells show up, the more damage they do, and the more healthy lung tissue they kill.It can become so severe that it can cause permanent irreversible damage, leading to lifelong disabilities.
In most cases, the immune system is slowly gaining control.

It kills the infected cells, intercepts the viruses that are trying to infect new ones and clears the battlefield.

Recovery begins.

The majority of people infected with Corona will experience relatively mild symptoms.But many cases become serious or even critical.We don't know the percentage because not all cases have been identified,but it is safe to say that there is much more to it than with the flu. In more severe cases,

Millions of epithelial cells are dead and the protective covering of the lungs disappearsa slow pandemic will not be remembered by history books.The worst case scenario for a rapid pandemic starts with a very rapid rate of infection because there are no countermeasures to slow down.

Why is this so bad?

In a rapid pandemic, many people become ill at the same time.If the numbers are too large, health systems will be unable to cope.There are not enough resources, like medical staff or equipment like ventilators, to help everyone.People will die without treatment.And, as more healthcare professionals become ill, the capacity of healthcare systems drops further.

If that happens, horrible decisions will be needed about who will live and who will not live.The number of deaths increases significantly in this scenario.To avoid this, the world - it means that we all - need to do everything possible to turn this into a slow pandemic.A pandemic is delayed by the correct responses.Especially in the initial phase, so that everyone who gets sick can receive treatment and there is no point of crisis in overburdened hospitals.

Since we don't have a vaccine for Corona, we have to socially project our behavior,act as a social vaccine. This simply means two things:

1. You are not being infected; and
2. Do not infect others.

Although it seems trivial, the best thing you can do is wash your hands.Soap is really a powerful tool.
The corona virus is wrapped in what is basically a layer of fat; the soap breaks this fat and leaves you unable to infect it.

It also makes your hands slippery and, with the mechanical movements of washing, viruses are pulled out.To do this correctly, wash your hands as if you have just cut some jalapeno and want to put the contact lenses below.

The next step is social distance, which is not a pleasant experience,but a cool thing to do. That means: no hugs, no handshakes.If you can stay at home, stay at home to protect those who need to leave for society to work:from doctors to cashiers or police officers; You depend on them all; they all depend on you not to get sick.

On a higher level, there are quarantines, which can mean different things, from travel restrictions or real requests to staying at home.Quarantines are not great to experiment with and are certainly not popular.But they buy us - and especially researchers working on drugs and vaccines - crucial time
Therefore, if you are quarantined, you must understand why and respect it.None of this is fun. But looking at the big picture, it's a really small price to pay.

The question of how pandemics end depends on how they start;if they start quickly on a steep slope, they end badly.If they start slowly, with a slope not so steep, they end well.And today, it really is in all of our hands.

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