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Friday, October 4, 2019

How to control remotely one computer from another?

How to control remotely one computer from another?

We will discuss a simple and useful tricks for every person that "How to remotely control one computer from another " after reading this article you will be able to use one computer from another and can use all the features and functions of other computer which you want to access. This trick is quiet helpful for those peoples who are Freelancer because in Freelancing sometimes you need to connect two computers or Laptop with each others and solve the problems and earn money from them.
So Let's Start

(1) Both the Computers must be connected to the internet.
(2) Team viewer must be install in both computers or laptops.
(3) You must use this trick legally.
Download Team viewer:
Team Viewer
Click the link given below.

You can also download this software online from google by type “Download Team viewer” on search bar and click the team viewer website.


(1) First of all install and launch team viewer.
(2) Then asked the password and I’d from other Computer person’s which you want to control.

(3) Type the I’d as shown.

(4) Then it ask the password as shown.
(5) Type the password in the dialog box and press enter.
(6) Now it shows the desktop of the other Computer or laptop and you can easily use it.
(7) Even you can Play games in other computer.


(1) Using this trick you can work online as a Freelancer and earn some extra money at home.
(2) You can remotely control other computer without touching it.
(3) It is simple and reliable way of working more than one computer or laptop at a time.


(1Your data are at risk.
(2) The person who is working on your computer can steal your data.
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