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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Power of media in modern world

         Power of Media in Modern World

In 21st century, media has become very powerful. it is the medium through which we get lot of power that can change a truth into a lie and lie into a truth just by a few impression lines making it look the same. as Mal com said, " The media is the most powerful entity on earth . they have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that power. because they control the mind of the masses" Our people need to be educated to the highest standard in this new information age, and surly this included a clear awareness of how the media influence, shapes,and defined their lives. film and television, newspaper, books and radio together have an influence over individual that was uni managed a hundred year ago. this power confer great responsibility on all who work in media...(as well as) each of us who,individual,listened and read is not the case that we have no power over what we take from the media. power of media cam be judged through its important role as source of information education and accommodate the world into a single village which is saturated of media information. it is a mirror of society.they help us to know a current affair on the spot. they put their lives in danger during a terrorist attack or a natural disaster, just to inform us to about it. it is a partly because of them that there is awareness spreading in the society. this is how, many country are able to contribute to the effected areas. who are the people who tell us about the crimes and corruptions. it is the media who tell us it is the media who shape our lives.

The media reaches over a million people a day. due to its tremendous audiences and the impact it has the media has been able to change public opinion.American policy,and even American history. the media powerful influence can be seen through its portrayal of major event like Vietnam war. the Spanish-America war, Watergate and several other when the media Begin and it had a political agenda. it was a outlet through which the common people would critics the government news paper, the new you weekly journal.Danger was jailed by the government, but found not guilty by the jury. this was the first time anyone has policy protested against the government, fought persecution in the court, and won.thus, this case set the procedure for the first amendment. the media include newspaper ,magazines, radio, and films, CD, Internet, etc .the media communication information to a large, sometime global, audience, near-constant  ex positive to media is a fundamental part of contemporary life but it the TV that draw our attention the most as one of the primary socializing agent of today society. media is one aspect in life we depend on and as well become more and more dependent on it we become to shape our opinion on it media affect how we learn about our world and how we relate to the world of polices because of the media_politics connection. we based most of our knowledge on government news account not experiences . we are dependent on the media for what and how we are relate to thee world poultices because of the media and politics connection.we read or watch political debates followed by instant analysis and commentary by "experts". politicians rely on media to communicate their message. media is part of our routine relation with family and friends. they define our interaction with other people on a daily life basis as a diversion, source of conflict, or a UN flying force. media have as impact on society not only through the context of the message but also through the process. communication remain gods great gift to human without which we can't be truly human reflecting god image (canaberal 1933,44) freedom of speech is a right of individual as their own free will. because of their free will, individual have express their thoughts, desire and aspiration through the mass media. communication freely with other affirms the dignity and worth with each and other society. freedom of expression is essential in the attainment and advancement of knowledge.communication bring four major ideas and information . people today are better informed and more enlightened thanks to thriving press freedom and expanding mass media here and in many parts of world all the point of view represent in the "MARKET-PLACE OF IDEAS" and society benefits from database about their worth"MONKEY SEE,MONKEY DO" has become a well-know saying in today society. AS benigno says, "it confuse even as it is supposed to enlightens it gossips more than it assails the sense even as it is supposed to refine them it entertains more than it enlightens"

the media has become morally and creatively bankrupt media shows no value and moral ethics and the content is filled with no other topic but violence and sex.consequently, media mirror society by reflecting it as a society with low moral,with crime sex and pornography. it contributes to the national breakdown and the degradation of society. it has corrupted and exploited the freedom of the press.Edward Bernay even refer to it as an: "invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country" according to him, "media tend to create rather than reflect the values of a society" media is fourth power of our society. a person who possess the information process the world. different types of media is created and wined by a small group of people gives us a possibility to perceive the world around us . it has Benn said: "information technology allow events in our part of the world to be instantly beamed into our living rooms"so media has a great power and by focusing on the real challenges facing humanity.

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