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Saturday, August 31, 2019

15+ Selfie Tips For Facebook.

15+ Selfie Tips For Facebook:

Pick the perfect location for selfie.

Find the perfect lighting for selfie.

Pick the beautiful place for selfie.

Make artificial light work for you for selfie.

 Turn off the flash.

set the exposure and white balance.

Track the best angle for your selfie.

please use the volume button for capture selfie or selfie stick button.

Use some photo editing app for taking selfie like pics art, or any other.

Use the self-timer.

Make your phone easier to grip.

Get the right crop.

Apply some filter even if you are using ordinary mobile camera.

Take the selfie at day time or evening.

Apply some type of effect if you are using app like pics art or selfie taker.

Select the right background.

Make a right pose like taking selfie without showing your full face.

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