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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The life of college life|| College Life Of Students

The life of college life|| College Life Of Students 

Establish contact and seek the opinion of well-known people who already study university careers that could become your option. Find out exhaustively about the Curriculum. You have a lot of information on the web, as well as information sessions; You can also inform yourself through the teams of the Deanery and the Centers' management. Always use the Academic Regulations, which clearly specify the rights and duties. Read carefully the teaching guides of the different subjects; they will allow you to know the contents, methodology and evaluation process, among others. Consult all the doubts, for that use the tutorials (in person and online). Go to the reference teacher to clarify everything you consider relevant. Do not leave any doubt in the backpack. Ask questions in class. Thinking "I do not understand" should never serve as an excuse.

Study and practice the English language, it will be very useful in all areas. If you already have a good level of English, do not hesitate to start learning another language. Plan and learn to organize time. Make flexible plans. You must accommodate the attendance to class, the daily study, the realization of works and readings, the participation in conferences and conferences, etc. Calculate approximately two hours of individual work for one hour of class; this way you will be able to take the course to the day. Try to keep up with the subjects. In the University it is not enough to study the last week. If this system has served you in Secondary and Baccalaureate, here it will not work. Create a favorable study environment. Evaluate what are the best learning strategies. Follow some study and work habits. Have a disposition and an attitude favorable to study. Be persistent, never be discouraged, even if the first results are not good. In the University, as in life, whoever persists achieves it.

It combines study with sports and a healthy diet, and sleeps the necessary hours. Explore your interests, expectations, qualities, etc. Start your future project, it's your professional project ... Leave it in writing! You will see how it contributes to decision making. It develops creativity, reflective processes, critical and applied thinking. Investigate, have an entrepreneurial spirit. Enjoy the University. Develop an adequate motivation that allows you to positively evaluate your university experience.

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