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Friday, June 28, 2019

Past and Technology

The 21th century is the century of sophiscated technology and science.Technology and science began to make progress in the seventeenth century.Since then technology and science making progress by leaps and bounds.New inventions and discoveries in the numerous fields have brought a revolution in the life of human beings.
The benefits got from science and its applications are enormous and probably it is not possible to enumerate these, however, it is beyounf doubt that science has helped a great deal in developing self-confidence, self-esteen and courage in human beings.Now owing to scientific and technological advances, man is not at the mercy of his enviroment but he has the capability to control and modify it to suit his needs and requirements. Previously people believed in superstitions and in certain supernatural forces for the control of their future. People also used to believe in magic and fortune telling. By adopting scientific methods, human beings are now more confident to handle their enviromental conditions. Human beings no more attribute the weather conditions or disaster to supernatural, bad or evil forces. They think independently, logically and scientifically.
Before the discovery and development of modern medicines, scientific equipments and instruments of surgery, thousands of people used die of disease.

The great plague which started in 542 AD was responsible for 95 million death in 50 years.The influenza pandemic of 1957 killed 8,000 people in the USA only.

Now with the discoveries of various medicines and revoluion in surgery.smallpox is eradicated from the world. Malaria is controlled and very few people die of plague, typhoid and cholera.


SO from above discussion we concluded technology play very vital role in every field of life. It gives us new way to live our lifes and we can save our time in transportation because there is a lot of options are here. We can treat any disease with the help of medicine, surgry or using other technologies. Now the whole world become a global village due to fast media and news and social networking like Facebook, Whatsapp and many more. So technology play very vital role in everyday life.

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