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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Learning tips for studentds||Fastly Learning Tips

Tip 1: Come to all class days

Come to all class days. The group process is of great importance during training. Discuss with all participants and broaden your horizon. Tip 2: Make a good layout of your time You can work and learn at the same time if you make a good arrangement of your time. The table below helps you to set priorities. Tip 3: Make a realistic schedule From the study program you will receive a timetable and a schedule with regard to assignments. Make a realistic plan for yourself so that you can walk through your education in an organized way. Tip 4: Do! Good planning is really important, but then you have to do it. That's a discipline issue, right? Tip 5: Ask questions To better get to the core of the curriculum and to distinguish between main and side issues, it is useful to ask yourself questions about the text. Then you will understand the text better and remember it better.
Tip 6: Book on the left, notes on the right Research has shown that the part that you see in your left field of vision is received by the right side of your brain and vice versa. The left side of your brain processes text. The right side is better at understanding structure and creating overview. For left-handed people this is the other way around. Tip 7: Relax and pause Study for a maximum of one hour at a time and then take a 10-minute break to continue learning. When you start studying you are the most motivated and focused. After a while your concentration will decrease. If you know that you can stop studying, the concentration is high again. So take plenty of relaxation by going for a walk, listening to music, playing games or watching TV. This way you learn a lot more effectively! Tip 8: Share what you have learned with others When you explain something to someone else you learn faster. So find someone to talk to the person about the subject matter. In this way you are consciously transferring the curriculum to another, so that you have to think carefully about how the curriculum works. Tip 9: Make appointments with your Practice Coach on time To hand in your assignments on time, you also need the attention of your practical supervisor. Schedule an appointment regularly so that you can see together whether you are on the right track! Tip 10: Proper nutrition It may sound strange, as if it is going too far, but your body needs certain nutrients for better concentration, thinking ability and storing the curriculum. So choose your diet well based on these points:

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