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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Educational Writing: Some Tips for Good Classroom

 Educational Writing: Some Tips for Good Classroom

1.To learn the names of the students in short time, students should be addressed with names at every opportunity. Students will be very impressed and they will understand that the value of the bridges to the heart will be established from the first days. This can be done for the first days, such as name cards can be made by forcing the memory of this subject to pester and memorize the house to show the effort can be a more effective solution.

2.To enter the class and leave the lesson without ringing the bell in time, the students will always leave a positive impression. Every second after ringing the bell, the student's attention will be distracted and squeezed. To stay faithful means to respect the time of the student's rest.

3.The teacher can be both disciplined and friendly and friendly. Students want a teacher who will teach us to learn, rather than a teacher who can do what we want in the classroom, to keep the class in the discipline.

4. Children's health is closely related to the eye.Especially eye disorders is a common and often neglected by some families is one of the most important health problems. Contact the parents of the problem should be solved.

5.Sınıf rules together with the students and hang them in a suitable place. In addition to the rules of the school you can be useful in the management of the class you think it can be suspended (consultation with students). School rules and class rules should be explained in the first days

6. Special look rather than general look can sometimes repair broken ties with the students. So when discussing the subject come eye to eye with specific students. 

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